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So tonight was a first for me. I started leading a 6th grade girls bible study and we are talking about words. Words can have such a big impact on you – either for the good or for the bad. We studied a lot of scripture tonight that talked about the tongue being so powerful. I struggle with talking before I think and being insensitive at times but the other thing that struck me is that the tongue/mouth is such a small part of the body, yet it can affect us in such a big way. I can chose to shut my mouth and not eat that bite so that I can glorify God with the body he has given me or I can put everything in it that I can possibly find.

Lately I have been having binge days. One or two a week, but eating enough that I am so sick and miserable. Why do I do this to myself? All it takes is shutting my mouth and saying “no”.  A simple word that I chose not to say.

I realized that I am going to really have to start walking the talk if I am going to be leading these girls and being the kind of godly example that God has called me to be.  It’s the only way that they will respect me. My prayer is that God is going to keep working on me and my ability to say “NO” to food when I’m not hungry. As he grows me in that area, I also pray that he grows me in my ability to stop and think before I speak.