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Am I wasting my life…

Are you treading water? Watching each day pass you by and thinking that tomorrow will be different? I’ll start losing weight tomorrow. I’ll start getting my life organized tomorrow. I’ll start making an effort tomorrow.

I was driving home from my Grandma’s last night and Matthew West’s song came on the radio and boy, did it hit me! I keep thinking that I’ll eventually get to my weight or eating healthy. I keep wasting time instead of living life to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been losing weight but I haven’t been whole hearted about it…I’m just treading water. It pains me to think of all of these weeks that I have just gone through the motions and eaten well enough to maintain or lose a little but not really give it my all. I say all of this and I’m posting this with the hopes that this will motivate me and hold me accountable to attack life. To grab every moment and enjoy¬† it. To savor every bite instead of shoving it in really fast so I can get over the guilty feeling.

So I’m posting a picture of my weight. I usually avoid that but I need to start owning where I am at. This picture was taken while on vacation in August. I’ll repost in October and YOU WILL SEE PROGRESS!